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Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)
Last updated: May 15, 2013

Physical address To be advised
Postal address PO Box FM701, Famona, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Telephone +263-(0)712-213885, (0)772-898110, (0)772-898110
Email address;;
Web address
WOZA Zimbabwe
Twitter: @wozazimbabwe

Year established 2003

  • The voices and activities of WOZA members influence public opinion using non violent action methods to pressure political leaders and local officials to make and implement positive policy changes by demanding good governance.
  • Human rights defenders, mainly and typically women, empowered through civic education to act as 'full citizens'.
  • A democratic accountable, and capacitated organisational structure that practices shared leadership and cooperates fully with members and their communities.
Mission Statement

To mobilise Zimbabweans to demand social justice on a non-partisan basis, educate them about their civil rights and persuade them to participate in all civic processes. We will mobilise people to the movement through civic education and strategic non-violent action to demand a new political leadership that can be accountable and deliver all aspects of social justice and a people-driven constitution.

A Zimbabwe with a democratically elected leadership, guided by the Constitution, which respects human rights and works in partnership with an engaged citizenry towards the achievement of social and economic justice.

Civil Activism; Democracy & Good Governance; Education/Training; Human Rights; Religion; Women



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