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Radio Dialogue
Last updated: June 03, 2013

Physical address 9th Floor, Pioneer House, corner 8th Ave/Fife St, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Postal address PO Box FM100, Famona, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Telephone +263-(0)9-881009, 881020
Fax +263-(0)9-884828
Email address
Web address
Broadcasts Short wave 4895 kHz 19.55-20.55 pm Central Africa Time
Year established 2001

  1. To provide a channel of communication and promote development, democracy and a culture of good governance.
  2. To promote social development issues through airing participatory programmes which are aimed at improving the quality of life in the community.
  3. To ensure that there is a free market of ideas in our society, where all voices can be heard equally and fairly.
  4. To promote local artists through identifying and nurturing their talents.
  5. To create a bank of ideas and views useful to society for the achievement of progressive social change.
  6. To promote freedom of speech, expression and to eliminate the culture of fear.
  7. To keep the public aware of current affairs reported in a balanced and unbiased manner.
  8. To give the people at grassroots a voice and an avenue for their ideas and creativity.
  9. To promote Zimbabwean values and instill a sense of patriotism and cultural awareness.
  10. To provide a source of entertainment which recognises the abundance of talent within the region and a need to harness the talent.
  11. AND
    • to promote the free flow of information
    • to eliminate the culture of viocence and fear
    • to create a bank of ideas for the local leadership
    • to encourage the creation of local knowledge to facilitate local development
Mission Statement

Radio Dialogue seeks to provide an information sharing platform through:
1. creating a space where citizens are able to freely express themselves;
2. lobbying and advocating for greater freedom of expression;
3. initiating and implementing programmes that promote development (both social and human) and cultural issues.

A non-partisan, participatory community radio station that strives to have well informed citizens in Bulawayo..

Arts & Culture; Children/Youth; Freedom of Speech; Media



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