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Justice for Agriculture (JAG)
Last updated: June 07, 2013

Physical address 14 Village Green, Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe
Postal address 14 Village Green, Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe
Telephone +263-(0)774-645894
Email address;
Year established 2002

  • The JAG Trust is now democratized with the formation of the Justice for Agriculture Members' Association (JAGMA) under the JAG Trust. This members' association incorporates commercial farmers, farm workers, ancillary industries and associate bodies involved in commercial agriculture in Zimbabwe.
  • Justice For Agriculture (JAG) is a group of concerned Zimbabweans with a mission to secure justice, peace and freedom for the agricultural sector. Its contribution to the Zimbabwean economy is presently under attack which has led to the displacement of expertise, causing poverty and starvation.
  • JAG incorporates the interests of commercial farm owners, farm workers, as well as the agricultural ancillary industries and their employees. Its mission is to safeguard and support people directly affected, in whatever way possible, and to document and expose the injustices and human rights abuses being perpetrated against them. These rights are enshrined within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by Zimbabwe, a member of the United Nations.
  • Made up of committed Zimbabweans, JAG remains determined to find a lasting and just solution to the crisis currently facing the agricultural sector, in accordance with the freely expressed wishes of the people. We therefore call on all affected Zimbabweans in a bid to represent as wide a spectrum of interests as possible.
  • JAG believes in justice for agriculture in Zimbabwe and the unbiased application of just and constitutional laws that have received international approval.
  • JAG will expose and make accountable all persons actively destroying commercial agricultural under the guise of land reform. To achieve this, JAG will encourage the taking up of legal proceedings that argue against violations of the Zimbabwean constitution.
  • JAG believes that a rational, orderly and legal process of agrarian reform is needed for food sufficiency and long-term prosperity, not only in Zimbabwe but also in Africa as a whole.
  • JAG will work to keep agricultural skills on the land and in the country, and to find innovative ways to increase production whilst working towards recovery of the sector.
  • JAG believes it is essential that good farming practice be widely taught and that successful farmers share their knowledge and expertise with others who wish to become productive farmers.
  • JAG believes land is a precious and finite national resource and that it is essential that it be used productively.
  • The Zimbabwean constitution expressly forbids discrimination on grounds of race, religious affiliation or gender. JAG believes the laws and decrees that are discriminatory are unconstitutional and should be challenged.
  • JAG supports a duly elected and democratic government whilst refuses to be transformed into political apologists.
  • JAG recognises the resolutions of the International Donors' conference on Land Reform and Resettlement held in Harare on 9th September 1998 and also the Abuja Accord signed on 6th September 2001.
Advocacy; Agriculture; Human Rights



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