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The Danhiko Project
Last updated: July 31, 2008

Organisation unreachable as of February 2009

Physical address 123 Mutare Road, Msasa, Harare, Zimbabwe
Postal address P.O. Box AY179, Amby, Harare, Zimbabwe
Telephone +263-(0)4-492087, 492367, 492909
Fax +263-(0)4-492362
Email address
Web address
Year established 1981
  Name Position
  Mr P. Kufakwedeke Director
  Mr Godfey Majonga Deputy Director
  T T Tshuma Financial Administrator
  W Magulula Senior Bookeeper

  • To provide education and training for students to whom other avenues of schooling/training are not readily available. This target group include men and women with disabilities both civilian and military. The cause of these disabilities range from injuries sustained during the war of liberation, birth defects, diseases of various forms, to accidents occurring in homes, in the workplace or on the roads. Included in this group are those whose age precludes them from gaining entrance into formal mainstream educational institutions.
  • To provide a conducive learning atmosphere to the able-bodied and those with disabilities so as to ensure a mutually rewarding and learning experience that prepares them for integration into their communities and the world of work.
  • To provide basic education and training, orientation, vocational/technical and professional information skills which increase the possibility for our target group to exercise their rights, fulfil their responsibilities and participate fully, actively and positively in their respective communities.
  • To provide short term courses in areas where there is potential for employment or the establishment of viable income generating projects and wherever possible such skills training must be suitable and accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • To promote the chances of employment of persons with disabilities by enhancing their working abilities through the elimination of psychological, physical and architectural barriers.
  • To gradually expand the educational facilities at Danhiko as well as continuously design and adapt the curriculum to ensure that students - particularly those with disabilities are equipped with skills that will enable them to find jobs in the commercial, industrial or public sectors of the economy.
Mission Statement

Danhiko Project's mission and vision is centred firmly on the delivery of quality education, training and production for the disadvantaged in our society for employment or self-employment.

Children/Youth; Disabled; Education/Training; Vocational Training



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