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Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD)
Last updated: October 10, 2012

Physical address NANGO, 515 Green Field Street, Town Centre, Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Postal address Box 516, Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Telephone +263-(0)735-827645, (0)774-346256
Email address;
Year established 2008
  Name Position
  Gamuchirai Mukura Coordinator - (0)735-827645
  Zivanai Muzorodzi Programs Manager - (0)773-120615
  Masimba Nyamanhindi Board Chairperson - (0)772 551 260
  Jimmy Wilford Board Vice Chairperson - (0)772-819786

  • Enhance total and free participation by all citizens regardless of political persuasion, race, religion and sex.
  • Promote and realize social justice through education on fundamental human rights.
  • Promote national healing through tolerance and reconciliation amongst the youths regardless of gender race and tribe in order to curb voter apathy and instill voter confidence and youth participation in national processes.
  • Rehabilitation of victims regardless of political persuasion, gender, sex, religion and socio-economic status by promoting unity of purpose amongst citizens. COTRAD shall establish communal peace youth groups in rural Zimbabwe, establish data bases and refer them for rehabilitation facilities to partner organizations like ZLHR, CSU, MUSASA PROJECT to mention a few. Induction programs shall be based on reformation, social rehabilitation and re-integration into society and make provisions for continued education and development of political victims as part of the restoration process.
  • Mobilize youths for the reconstruction of areas devastated by political violence bringing help to political victims and promoting peace, tolerance and reconciliation across political divide.
  • Take appropriate measures to promote physical and psychological recovery and social integration of youth victims of conflict by providing access to civic education and skills development such as vocational training to resume social and economic life
  • Facilitate participation of youths at grassroots level in rural and remote
    communities in Zimbabwe thus conscientising the youths about environmental, climatic changes, gender issues and other fundamental issues that warrants
  • Assist victims of politically inspired rape to develop their own potential to handle post traumatic events of rape or sexual abuse. Lobby government and other responsibilities authorities to avail and implement policies that accommodate young women survivors of rape. Empower survivors of rape psychologically, educationally, economically and socially. Promote healthy living for victims through treatment, counseling and education on relevant issues .
  • Gather data bases of victims of political violence and facilitate voter education for victims of political violence to induce confidence building.
  • Documentation of Human Rights abuses and foster the creation of social safety nets for Youth and Human Rights

Mission Statement

To develop and harness non violent informed youth participation in national processes and expertise in policy making in order to facilitate better informed and more evidence-based policy decisions. To strengthen the capacity of the Youth in comprehensive crisis management, conflict resolution and peace building in pursuit of practical solutions and effective multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Advocacy, Civil Activism, Counselling, Democracy/Good Governance, Environment, Gender, Human Rights, Research/Documentation/Info Dissem, Victim Support, Vocational Training, Women



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