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Bulawayo Agenda
Last updated: June 03, 2013

Physical address 5 Vincent Avenue, Kumalo, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Postal address 5 Vincent Avenue, Kumalo, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Telephone +263-(0)86-44067984, (0)777-728363, (0)775-576232
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Year established 2002

  • To provide a platform for debate, discussion and dialogue on issues of topical interest
  • To facilitate birth and growth of a culture of listening and tolerating other people's opinions without acrimony.
  • To promote research and dissemination of in formation on topical issues guided by the axiom that in formation is power.

Mission Statement

Bulawayo Agenda is committed to providing a platform for different views of people through public meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences.

This is achieved through:

  • Engaging debate on topical and current affairs.
  • Engaging the media and civic society to promote public rights to fair and accurate information and freedom of expression.

Bulawayo Agenda has conducted various public meetings and conferences as a means of advocating for the upliftment of the voices of the citizens of Zimbabwe and we view dialogue as being an instrumental tool for development.

Civic Activism, Urban Development



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