Let it all out.

Got something on your chest that you want to get off? Got an Idea? Then we want to hear from you!

  • Drop us an email on: admin [at] kubatana [dot] net
  • If you have to phone us our number is +263 4 776056 / 776696
  • If you want to send treats, our postal address is: PO Box GD 376, Greendale, Harare, Zimbabwe

And some history

Kubatana started in 2001. Back then we had the idea to create a central online library/archive of civic and human rights information published by NGOs in Zimbabwe. We also wanted to create an online NGO directory so that we could strengthen networking and collaboration between all sorts of groups and people. And we did it.

You can use this link to access over 25 000 documents/reports/articles and Other Stuff. However, this library/archive is no longer being updated. Sorry for that.

The directory, which is updated twice a year, is found here.

These days we’re concentrating on what needs fixing in Zimbabwe, from the ground Up. We will be investigating and focusing on a variety of issues. We are constantly outraged, because we’re constantly paying attention. And we want You to join us in awareness and activism and make a difference in our country.

The people
We are: Elizabeth Nyamuda (mother of Tanaka, fan of house music and citizen journalist); Amanda Atwood (loves hunting dogs and hates injustice); Lenard Kamwendo (when he’s not dreaming he can be found hunting for treasure somewhere in Chitungwiza) and Bev Clark (gets turned on by creative activism that questions authority; among her dislikes are presidential portraits, people who hum and a gray day)

How we do it
Ingredients include: all types of social media including web, email, crowd sourcing, blogging, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to mix thoroughly with bucket loads of creativity, persistence and humour … and what do you get, Kubatana!