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Road tax

Just received from a Kubatana member:

I am so infuriated by ZINARA who insist on collecting road tax on registered Zimbabwean vehicles returning from outside the country borders because that vehicle will have a valid paid up road licence and insurance and on top of that the vehicle still has to pay toll gates on the way. When you ask the ZINARA people about what the reason is for this road tax, they say it is in the act! Act my foot. So please Kubatana can you please help me in finding out what does the act say and if this was also written before introduction of tollgates because I feel this day light robbery of citizens by ZINARA. – Tapuwa

Friday May 1st 2015
2pm – 3pm
Reps Theatre
Tickets $10 at HIFA outlets

Not suitable for very young children and babies.

This year at HIFA Tumbuka will take you on a journey through the hearts and minds of the Zimbabwean people, telling stories about childhood, community and cultural beliefs. The work is sourced from the dancers themselves and offers a mature insight into the things that we Zimbabweans deal with everyday, not politics and economics, but our lives and souls. Snoden Filimon’s lastest work, We Were Made Men, explores the childish traits that linger in the adult character when people are made to take on the role of an adult too soon in life. Filimon recognizes the fact that the things that drive adults don’t always come from an adult place, giving rise to a power play and a need to dominate. Maylene Chenjerayi is working with the sense of “life force” circulated through the body and projected into the world by the heart. Her piece entitled Movement of Life incorporates the movement of the heart, the circulation of fluids throughout the body and the projection of joy. Chenjerayi is the longest standing member of Tumbuka and her choreography has a complexity and nuance that reveals her experience. Equals 24 is a new work by Stanley Wasili that looks at the hidden rituals that underpin people’s everyday lives. Some people just get up and go to work in the morning, some pray for their well-being and others take more elaborate measures.

Report from CHRA‘s Glen View Community Meeting:

We convened a community meeting in Glen View at the new community hall where 113 residents participated. The program drew councillors of ward 30 and ward 32: Councillors Tungamirai Madzokere and Farai Muzhinyi respectively. Residents were able to interact and debate prepaid meters with their councillors. Residents resolved that they will not accept prepaid meters and instructed their councillors to attend full council armed with a petition they signed locally which was against PPMs. The councillors reiterated that PPMs were going to be implemented as a pilot project on government and private complexes and not in residential areas a move which was dismissed as equally bad by the participating residents. – CHRA

Some thoughts on South Africa’s xenophobic attacks from the founder of the Child Rights Forum Zimbabwe:

It is so disturbing to find out what is happening in South Africa where human beings are butchering fellow humans. It gets to be disturbing when no other human rights bodies and organisations are quite about all these evil activities, is it because the word has not reached their ears or they are not yet ready to take action. 2005 in Zimbabwe houses and structures were demolished after they were alleged to be illegal structures and it took just but a few weeks before the UN and other human rights activists and organisations took a stand and lobbied against these demolitions. The attacks on foreigners in South Africa have been going on for quite a while now and it looks like the region and other stakeholders are not acting to stop such evil. Is it because South Africa is an African super power? One thing that disturbs me as a child rights activist is that the people being killed are parents who left their children back in their countries of origin and their death automatically declares them orphans and certifies them to a life filled with hardships and are exposed to abuse of all kinds. Can someone please do something to end this madness.We can not let this inhuman activity go on unattended to. We are pleading with members of the civil society, governments, and churches to take action and thwart this inhumanity. - David Tsungo Founder Child Rights Forum Zimbabwe

Deadline: 7 May 2015

ITU Telecom, the arm of ITU that organizes event and competitions, announced in a post on its website, that it is looking for young social entrepreneurs who can use technology creatively to solve a range of real-time developmental challenges.

“The challenge will give room to young people around the world to self-empower people in their communities through entrepreneurship.” says ITU Telecom.

Entry is exclusive to individuals from ITU member states; pretty much every country in the world. They must be between ages 18 and 30, currently running a startup or have a concept/ idea for one yet unborn.

Two winners will be invited to join in ITU Telecom World 2015 in Budapest, Hungary in October, a higher platform where they will pitch their ideas, participate in workshops, receive seed funding, and benefit from a year of ongoing mentorship.

Please apply here

Do you have an ability to shape the direction of this year’s climate change negotiations by creating change in your own country? Then this is an opportunity not to be missed! The Global Call for Climate Action is looking for young, innovative journalists, bloggers, writers, activists and creatives for its Climate Tracker Program to become a Negotiator Fellows for 2015.  The major purpose of this program is solve the problems related to Climate Change. Fully-funded Fellowships will be awarded to the selected participants who will get an opportunity to visit Paris to track the COP21 climate negotiations. The Climate Tracker program aims to support young and passionate people eager to write about the most important climate issues affecting their country. This includes a series of trainings with leading climate change communicators, journalists, strategists and practitioners working on the front lines. The deadline for this opportunity is 30 April 2015. For more information please use this link

The She Leads Africa Organization is accepting applications for Huawei – She Leads Africa Fellowship Program. It is the first program with the aim to provide female tech entrepreneurs from across Africa the opportunity to visit China. The program will provide fellows with the chance to receive a behind the scenes experience at the technology giant, network with peer entrepreneurs and develop relationships with investors and companies interested in doing business in Africa. Founded in 2014, She Leads Africa is a platform that provides the most talented female entrepreneurs across the continent with access to the knowledge, networks and financing needed to build and scale strong businesses. The goal is to jumpstart female entrepreneurs from SMEs to pan-African industry leaders. The deadline for this opportunity is 30 April 2015. Find out more here

Westminister International Scholarships

The University of Westminster was founded as Britain’s first polytechnic in 1838. Since then it has developed into a university that combines both metropolitan and cosmopolitan dimensions, and which is closely involved in business, professional and academic life within London, as well as overseas. The University has always been, and continues to be, imaginative in recognising new needs and developing appropriate offerings for its many target markets. The University also has a strong and historic commitment to promoting equality and embracing diversity. As a place to work or to study, we strive to strengthen our reputation as a welcoming and inclusive organisation. This generous award is aimed at fully funding you if you are from a developing country and will study a full-time Masters’ degree at the University.

Amount: Full tuition fee award, accommodation, living expenses and flights to and from London. Eligibility: You must be an international student from a developing country and hold an offer for a full-time masters’ degree. Criteria: First Class Honours degree, financial need and development potential.

The deadline for this opportunity is 1 May 2015. Get more information here

International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) is inviting woman journalists around the world whose work in print, broadcast, or digital media has focused on human rights and social justice reporting to apply for Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship program. The seven-month program will begin in late August 2015 and conclude March 2016. The fellowship provides an academic and professional opportunity for women journalists who focus on human rights and social justice to advance their reporting skills. The deadline for this opportunity is 1 May 2015. Find out more here