Kubatana was established in 2001. Our mission was to aggregate Zimbabwean civic and human rights information. To date we have published over 30 000 different reports; over 1 000 electronic newsletters; distributed 50 000 DVDs and provided ICT support to the NGO sector.

Kubatana provides consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Media campaign conceptualisation and implementation
  • Information technology support
  • Proposal writing
  • Fundraising

Please contact Bev Clark or Amanda Atwood for more information: info [at] kubatana [dot] net


Kubatana has received a number of awards including:

  • Clickatell Mobile Touch award for community service (2014)
  • Shoko Festival Hub Award – Pioneer Category (2014)
  • Index on Censorship award for promoting freedom of expression through innovation (2012)
  • World’s Bravest Bloggers, Daily Beast (2011)
  • Breaking Borders Award for online advocacy presented by Google, Reuters and Global Voices (2010)
  • National Association for NGOs Media Responsibility Award (2009)
  • Knight News Challenge Winner (2008)
  • Yeomans Award for Local Content runner up (2005)
  • Highway Africa award for innovative use of new media – non-profit category (2002)
  • Hafkin Prize short-listed (2002)

Current projects managed by Kubatana.net
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Shutdownzim.net, this pop-up site aggregates news articles, videos, articles, press statements, opinion pieces, resources, inspiration and other information related to #ShutdownZimbabwe2016

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If you’re into looking backwards, visit our archive of over 25,000 different documents from 2000-2013